Clean Rite’s Industrial Sweeping Project at McConnell AFB

Clean Rite Pressure Washing does more than parking lots! Earlier this month, McConnell Air Force Base hired Art and the Clean Rite crew to do some serious work out on the base. Are you in need of industrial sweeping or cleaning services in Wichita? Give Art a call at 316-655-5665.

Drill at McConnell AFB

In October, McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita brought in a massive drill from Kansas City to bore a series of deep-and-wide holes at the base. The task at hand? Digging holes deep enough for McConnell’s brand new mega doors in its hangars. For a job like this, they would need a special drill– one that required its own Caterpillar to carry it.

And, as you might expect, a drill that size can make a little bit of a mess. So McConnell Air Force Base called Wichita’s premiere industrial sweeping company to clean up the mess!

For two days at the beginning of November, Clean Rite specialists cleared the tarmac of foreign object debris (FOB), the dirt and clay left behind from the drilling machine, and the pieces dropped by concrete trucks on the scene. Certified to provide these services for the staff at McConnell, Clean Rite sweepers followed the machinery all the way down the tarmac, clearing debris.

Concrete on the tarmac at McConnell

If you have an industrial cleaning project but aren’t sure who to call, check out the full list of services that Clean Rite offers here. And then give Art a call at 316-655-5665.


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