Clean Rite Pressure Washing Testimonials

We love our customers and they love us too!  Here are a few video testimonials.

Clean Rite Pressure Washing does more than parking lots! Earlier this month, McConnell Air Force Base hired Art and the Clean Rite crew to do some serious work out on the base. Are you in need of industrial sweeping or cleaning services in Wichita? Give Art a call at 316-655-5665.

Drill at McConnell AFB

In October, McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita brought in a massive drill from Kansas City to bore a series of deep-and-wide holes at the base. The task at hand? Digging holes deep enough for McConnell’s brand new mega doors in its hangars. For a job like this, they would need a special drill– one that required its own Caterpillar to carry it.

And, as you might expect, a drill that size can make a little bit of a mess. So McConnell Air Force Base called Wichita’s premiere industrial sweeping company to clean up the mess!

For two days at the beginning of November, Clean Rite specialists cleared the tarmac of foreign object debris (FOB), the dirt and clay left behind from the drilling machine, and the pieces dropped by concrete trucks on the scene. Certified to provide these services for the staff at McConnell, Clean Rite sweepers followed the machinery all the way down the tarmac, clearing debris.

Concrete on the tarmac at McConnell

If you have an industrial cleaning project but aren’t sure who to call, check out the full list of services that Clean Rite offers here. And then give Art a call at 316-655-5665.


Believe it or not, winter here in Wichita is just around the corner. What have you done to prepare your business property for harsh cold, inches of snow on the ground, and the grime that comes with ice buildup? Today, we’ll examine three property maintenance projects you need to schedule before winter arrives. See what they are and then give us a call at 316-655-5665.

Snowy window overlooking Wichita

Is your commercial property ready for winter? And not just any winter, but a Wichita, KS winter? According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), last winter was the fifth snowiest on record for Wichita, with over 30 inches of snow falling throughout the season. And remember the storms that covered Wichita in snow last February? They made February the snowiest month ever recorded for our city.

So is your property ready for 21 more inches of snow? Chances are, it’s not.

But have no fear! Clean Rite has come up with this list of three projects you need to schedule before winter to prepare your property for Snowmageddon.

1) Commercial window washing for your business property.

Winter is sure to leave your building’s windows covered in sludgy residue from street sweepers, snowplows, and melting snow. And that mess leaves your property looking more like an igloo than a legitimate place of business. Schedule a commercial window washing to clear away the nasty mess of Summer 2013 and to prepare them for whatever winter brings.

2) Re-striping the lines in your company parking lot.

It’s going to be hard enough to see the lines in your parking lot this winter, but not clearly marking lines between parking spaces makes you an easy target for a lawsuit when your customers get into fender-benders on your property. Bright, fresh, yellow lines and clearly marked handicapped spots will go a long way towards protecting your customers– and protecting your company! If you’re not proactive, don’t be surprised to see an empty lot like this.

Empty parking lot in Wichita during winter

3) Taking care of any custom landscaping projects.

Just like you prepare your home’s landscaping for winter, you need to prepare your business for the cold, too. Clean Rite offers regular care and proactive maintenance plans for your business, and we can also take care of any “emergency” custom mowing, trimming or mulching needs you might have. What you don’t invest in now will be obvious come spring, when your property is overrun with weeds and out-of-control or discolored grass.

Clean Rite Pressure Washing is here to help you prepare your property for the cold winter months. We’ve been serving Wichita businesses for decades, and we’d love to learn how we can serve yours, too. Give us a call at 316-655-5665 today.

Parking lot badly in need of parking lot sweeping, cleaning

What does your business’s parking lot say about you and your business? Probably more than you’d like it to. Reclaim your business’s image, one space at a time! Today, we spotlight a few of the parking lot services Clean Rite Pressure Washing offers to businesses in the greater Wichita area. Keep reading and then give us a call at (316) 655-5665.

Some bad news for you: your business’s parking lot isn’t living up to its full potential. And that’s bad news for your business. A clean, well-organized parking lot can have a major effect on your customers’ experience. Luckily, it’s not too late to turn around your slumping curb appeal. Clean Rite to the rescue with these great parking lot services!

Parking Lot Striping/Painting:

Think about how hectic a trip to the mall is in December—now imagine having to navigate the mall parking lot without the help of parking lines. Believe us—they’re not just lines. Clear parking lot lines for spaces and exits prevent congestion in your lot, while decreasing the risk of dangerous parking lot accidents. And we’ll take care of the whole process in just a few hours, meaning your business isn’t interrupted while we work.

Parking Lot Sweeping:

Investing in parking lot sweeping is a gesture your customers are sure to notice. You help to remove potentially dangerous debris from your lot—the kind of stuff that pops tires and shoots through thin shoes. You maximize the number of available spaces while encouraging visitors to keep your lot clean, too.

Parking Block Installation:

Parking stops control the flow of traffic in your lot and discourage dangerous cutting across your lot. Who’s going to peel across a lot filled with concrete blocks? With our simple block installation, you can also reduce the risk of fender benders in your lot. Keep your customers happy and their cars safe; they’ll appreciate that.

Check out our full list of services!

To see all of the ways Clean Rite can help you improve your business, your lot, and customer experience, check out our Services page here. We serve the greater Wichita area and the region from Hutchinson to El Dorado to Ark City to Cheney. Give us a call today!

If you’re renting a commercial power washer to clean up the property around your business or home, you’ll probably be surprised by the number of pressure washing regulations Wichita has. Keep reading to see why it pays to hire a pro like Clean Rite Pressure Washing.

Power washing, Courtesy of Jeff Sandquist at Flickr Creative Commons

Let’s play a game. We’ll outline a typical power washing scenario, and you tell us if you’ve been in that place before. Then we’ll tell you if the scenario was legal or illegal. Ready? Here we go.

Scenario 1: DIY Home Maintenance

You try to save a little money on home maintenance by renting your own pressure washer for the weekend. You decided to splurge and get a super-powerful commercial model—it’s guaranteed to blast the filth off your home’s siding, driveway, and deck. You add a recommended chemical soap so that everything comes off more easily. When you’re done, the wastewater runs down your driveway and into the storm drain down the street.

Been there? Done that?

Busted! Wichita power washing laws prohibit you from letting that chemical-filled water run into the storm drain. The chemical cleaner mixed with the residue of grease, oil, and paint adds up to a fine and jail time.

Scenario 2: Increasing Curb Appeal on the Cheap

Your parking lot is filled with nasty oil and motor fuel stains after years of use. Finally it’s getting to be too much as you notice your customers avoid certain parking spots for fear of stepping in the oil. You rent a commercial power washer for the afternoon to quickly take care of it yourself. No chemicals—just a powerful blast to lift the oil off the concrete. You push the water into the drain in your lot.

Been there? Done that?

That’s grounds for prosecution! It’s illegal to run oil residue down the drain like that. See for yourself, straight from Wichita’s City Ordinance, Sec. 16.32.030:

“No person shall dump, spill, leak, pump, pour, emit, empty, discharge, leach, dispose, or otherwise introduce or cause, allow, or permit to be introduced the following substances into the MS4:
…. any wastewater from the wash-down or other cleaning of any pavement where any spill, leak, or other release of oil, motor fuel, or other petroleum or hazardous substance has occurred…;”

Scenario 3: Taking Care of a Bird Problem

You’re tired of disgusting amounts of bird poop on your storefront and sidewalk, and so you take matters into your own hands. You load up the pressure washer and add a healthy dose of anti-bacterial cleaner to kill those nasty germs. You shoot all the wastewater into the street since there’s a storm drain right in front of your business.

Been there? Done that?

From street birds to jailbirds! You can’t do that either. Anytime you introduce chemicals like that and pour it into the storm drain, there is grounds for a legal penalty. Did you know the city may bill you for the cost of removing the contaminated wastewater from the stormwater system? Hardly worth the convenience of DIY bird control.

The Bottom Line: It Pays To Hire A Pro Like Clean Rite Pressure Washing

Clean Rite Pressure Washing fulfills your pressure washing needs while obeying all of the rules that go along with those needs. Clean Rite’s technicians are up-to-date on federal, state, and local pressure washing laws, and they understand what’s at stake. After all, if we screw it up, we pay—not you. With our state-of-the-art wastewater filtering and collection devices, you won’t have to worry about Wichita’s stringent power washing regulations. Guaranteed.

Ready to see why Clean Rite is Wichita’s top pressure washing company? Give Art a call at 316-655-5665, or use our secure contact form to get an official estimate for your project.

Today we examine the real costs of all those birds on your business property. From disease to damaged building materials to giving your customers a bad first impression, it’s time to take control of your property. Keep reading to see what we mean, and then give us a call at (316) 655-5665. We’re your top choice for Wichita bird control.

Birds on business sidewalk

Does this sidewalk remind you of anything? Are you and your business battling a pigeon takeover? Maybe it started with one or two innocent-looking pigeons, but now you have dozens of them, huddled up every morning on the sidewalks surrounding your business. You have to tiptoe just to avoid stepping in fresh bird droppings.

You may think, “Oh, it’s just a few birds” or “Since I can’t do anything about it, I guess I’ll live with it.” Unfortunately, not taking control of your bird takeover is an expensive risk. Here are a few of the reasons it’s time to invest in Clean Rite Pressure Washing, Wichita’s top bird control solution.

1)    Birds will destroy your property with their poop and their nests.

Bird poop contains uric acid, a corrosive chemical with a strong enough pH to erode building materials like wood, which has a strong enough pH level to erode building materials like wood, steel, and stone. Bird droppings can discolor paint, eat through awnings, and even short out electrical equipment around your business. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), “the life expectancy of a warehouse roof can be cut in half by a light, but continuous, layer of bird droppings.” Whoa!

Bird nests, too, can cause big problems for your business property. Your rain gutters, drains, chimneys, and ventilation systems are prime real estate for Wichita’s birds. Unfortunately, clogging up these key areas with nests can wreak havoc on drainage and ventilation systems, even causing destructive fires.

2)    Birds will physically prevent customers from getting to your business.

Want to stop customers from getting to your storefront? Having hundreds of live birds around your property will do the trick. No one wants to tiptoe between angry pigeons and scattered bird poop—no matter how great your business is. Plus, this flock creates a steady, noisy hum of activity that can deter customers, too.

3)    Birds can turn your business into a haven for disease. No joke.

According to InterNACHI, scientific studies have revealed more than 60 transmittable diseases and parasitic organisms found within common bird droppings. Every time a customer steps in a puddle of bird poop on your sidewalk, you increase the risk of these dangerous diseases spreading through the air. Stepping on these dried-out droppings releases those toxins into your customers’ lungs, causing diseases like histoplasmosis. Not exactly what you want your business to be known for…

4)    Birds make your business look and feel crappy.

You have to dress for success—and that includes your business. When you allow your property to be infested with pigeons and bird poop, you tell the world that you have more important things to worry about than the cleanliness of your property. How clean is the inside if the outside looks like this?

5)    Birds won’t leave on their own. You need some help.

In the case of pigeons roosting all over your business property, bird droppings are used as geographic markers, guiding pigeons back to familiar roosts. Because birds like pigeons are drawn to the scent of their own waste, only thoroughly cleaning a business surface will deter them from returning with their feathered friends.

Have you heard enough? It’s true—you and your business cannot afford to ignore the problem of a bird takeover. Give us a call at (316) 655-5665 to see what Clean Rite can do to resolve your bird control problems once and for all. Your customers will thank you for it.

Today we talk about how DIY pressure washing can cause big problems for you and your business: environmental problems, property damage, and serious personal injuries. Discover the facts behind power washing, and then give us a call at (316) 655-5665.

Let’s say you need to clean up your business property. Maybe your building is weather-worn or covered in nasty green mildew. Maybe you have a big problem with Wichita’s downtown pigeon population turning your sidewalks into a public restroom. Maybe your property was recently vandalized and now you’ve got some serious graffiti you need to get cleaned up. Whatever the scenario, a big question faces you and your business:

Should you buy/rent a pressure washer and do it yourself or should you hire a professional power washing company to do it for you?

It’s tempting to think that doing it yourself is the way to go– you tell yourself you’ll be able to save a bunch of money. And, hey, power washing looks kind of fun, doesn’t it?

Before you rush out to the rental center and pick up a power washer, we’d like to take a minute to explain why it pays to hire a professional. It turns out there’s a lot more to effective, safe power washing than just shooting a hose at dirt.

Why it will pay to hire a pro like Clean Rite:

1) Pressure washing on your own can cause serious injuries.

A common misconception is that a commercial pressure washer is just a hose– with a little more juice. A little more juice is right! Pressure washers employ up to 4,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. That’s enough juice to carve holes in your building’s siding, seriously disfigure and splinter wooden decks or panels, and literally tear into human flesh. That kind of pressure becomes a hot, slicing knife when it comes in contact with our soft skin. Don’t believe us? Check out this video about the dangers of pressure washers.

On the other hand, the trained professionals at Clean Rite Pressure Washing are well-versed in pressure washer safety. We’ll make sure to protect you and your clients from dangerous washer spray. You can trust our tradition of safety and excellence– we’ve been doing this for decades. Click here to learn more about the Clean Rite difference.

2) Pressure washing on your own can destroy your property.

In addition to showing the harm of power washers to the human body, the video above shows how unprofessional power washing can really batter your business property. Did you see how that power washer sliced through pieces of wood like they were steak? Incorrect calibration of a power washer can result in holes in your vinyl siding or wooden decks. If a nozzle isn’t positioned correctly on the sprayer, it can come flying off, becoming a water-propelled bullet headed right for your business’s windows.

Plus, unprofessional high-pressure washing can fire water up into the cracks of your building’s siding, causing mold and mildew within the building. Getting these problems fixed is known to cost upwards of $10,000! Hiring Clean Rite to take care of your project can save you time, money, and major repairs down the road.

3) Pressure washing on your own can get you in trouble with the law.

Did you know that your company is responsible for the quality of water that it pumps into Wichita’s municipal drainage system? When you decide to take pressure washing into your own hands, you take a dangerous risk legally: your company can be prosecuted and fined for environmental pollution unless you’re complying with Federal and state regulations on water runoff.

When you chemically clean your business property, those chemicals inescapably run down onto the surrounding ground, potentially damaging plants on your property and spreading to the city’s drainage system. You won’t think much of it until you and your company are fined for failing to comply with Wichita’s Storm Water Ordinance, which requires that any discharge of water be chemically-reduced. These fines can total up to $50,000!

Meanwhile, Clean Rite Pressure Washing uses environmentally-friendly methods to wash your property while using a complex wastewater collection system to prevent harmful chemicals from contaminating public water. We also provide completely chemical-free cleaning options, making sure to accommodate to your company’s preference and values.

Want to learn more about Clean Rite’s commitment to providing the best pressure washing services in Wichita? Give Art a call today at (316) 655-5665 to discover how Clean Rite can save you time, money, and hassle.

Are you tired of juggling multiple service companies in an effort to professionally maintain your property?  Clean Rite Pressure Washing and Property Services takes the hassle out of property management, providing the services you need quickly and efficiently.  Unlike some fly by night “maintenance companies,” we have the experience and expertise to deliver professional, EPA / CWA compliant, environmentally friendly work that will impress your customers and investors, as well as retain the value of your property.

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We can help you:

  • Wash away the excess salt and sand residue so it doesn’t track into your store!
  • Clean your sidewalks, entryways and parking areas preventing further salt damage inside and outside your store or office.
  • Wash your shopping carts’ wheels to help keep your tile floors clean.
  • Reduce concrete damage from winter salting by pressure washing traffic areas.