What Your Business’s Parking Lot Says About Your Business

Parking lot badly in need of parking lot sweeping, cleaning

What does your business’s parking lot say about you and your business? Probably more than you’d like it to. Reclaim your business’s image, one space at a time! Today, we spotlight a few of the parking lot services Clean Rite Pressure Washing offers to businesses in the greater Wichita area. Keep reading and then give us a call at (316) 655-5665.

Some bad news for you: your business’s parking lot isn’t living up to its full potential. And that’s bad news for your business. A clean, well-organized parking lot can have a major effect on your customers’ experience. Luckily, it’s not too late to turn around your slumping curb appeal. Clean Rite to the rescue with these great parking lot services!

Parking Lot Striping/Painting:

Think about how hectic a trip to the mall is in December—now imagine having to navigate the mall parking lot without the help of parking lines. Believe us—they’re not just lines. Clear parking lot lines for spaces and exits prevent congestion in your lot, while decreasing the risk of dangerous parking lot accidents. And we’ll take care of the whole process in just a few hours, meaning your business isn’t interrupted while we work.

Parking Lot Sweeping:

Investing in parking lot sweeping is a gesture your customers are sure to notice. You help to remove potentially dangerous debris from your lot—the kind of stuff that pops tires and shoots through thin shoes. You maximize the number of available spaces while encouraging visitors to keep your lot clean, too.

Parking Block Installation:

Parking stops control the flow of traffic in your lot and discourage dangerous cutting across your lot. Who’s going to peel across a lot filled with concrete blocks? With our simple block installation, you can also reduce the risk of fender benders in your lot. Keep your customers happy and their cars safe; they’ll appreciate that.

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To see all of the ways Clean Rite can help you improve your business, your lot, and customer experience, check out our Services page here. We serve the greater Wichita area and the region from Hutchinson to El Dorado to Ark City to Cheney. Give us a call today!