Wichita Bird Control and Your Business: Why You Should Give a Crap

Today we examine the real costs of all those birds on your business property. From disease to damaged building materials to giving your customers a bad first impression, it’s time to take control of your property. Keep reading to see what we mean, and then give us a call at (316) 655-5665. We’re your top choice for Wichita bird control.

Birds on business sidewalk

Does this sidewalk remind you of anything? Are you and your business battling a pigeon takeover? Maybe it started with one or two innocent-looking pigeons, but now you have dozens of them, huddled up every morning on the sidewalks surrounding your business. You have to tiptoe just to avoid stepping in fresh bird droppings.

You may think, “Oh, it’s just a few birds” or “Since I can’t do anything about it, I guess I’ll live with it.” Unfortunately, not taking control of your bird takeover is an expensive risk. Here are a few of the reasons it’s time to invest in Clean Rite Pressure Washing, Wichita’s top bird control solution.

1)    Birds will destroy your property with their poop and their nests.

Bird poop contains uric acid, a corrosive chemical with a strong enough pH to erode building materials like wood, which has a strong enough pH level to erode building materials like wood, steel, and stone. Bird droppings can discolor paint, eat through awnings, and even short out electrical equipment around your business. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), “the life expectancy of a warehouse roof can be cut in half by a light, but continuous, layer of bird droppings.” Whoa!

Bird nests, too, can cause big problems for your business property. Your rain gutters, drains, chimneys, and ventilation systems are prime real estate for Wichita’s birds. Unfortunately, clogging up these key areas with nests can wreak havoc on drainage and ventilation systems, even causing destructive fires.

2)    Birds will physically prevent customers from getting to your business.

Want to stop customers from getting to your storefront? Having hundreds of live birds around your property will do the trick. No one wants to tiptoe between angry pigeons and scattered bird poop—no matter how great your business is. Plus, this flock creates a steady, noisy hum of activity that can deter customers, too.

3)    Birds can turn your business into a haven for disease. No joke.

According to InterNACHI, scientific studies have revealed more than 60 transmittable diseases and parasitic organisms found within common bird droppings. Every time a customer steps in a puddle of bird poop on your sidewalk, you increase the risk of these dangerous diseases spreading through the air. Stepping on these dried-out droppings releases those toxins into your customers’ lungs, causing diseases like histoplasmosis. Not exactly what you want your business to be known for…

4)    Birds make your business look and feel crappy.

You have to dress for success—and that includes your business. When you allow your property to be infested with pigeons and bird poop, you tell the world that you have more important things to worry about than the cleanliness of your property. How clean is the inside if the outside looks like this?

5)    Birds won’t leave on their own. You need some help.

In the case of pigeons roosting all over your business property, bird droppings are used as geographic markers, guiding pigeons back to familiar roosts. Because birds like pigeons are drawn to the scent of their own waste, only thoroughly cleaning a business surface will deter them from returning with their feathered friends.

Have you heard enough? It’s true—you and your business cannot afford to ignore the problem of a bird takeover. Give us a call at (316) 655-5665 to see what Clean Rite can do to resolve your bird control problems once and for all. Your customers will thank you for it.