Three Property Maintenance Projects To Schedule Before Winter

Believe it or not, winter here in Wichita is just around the corner. What have you done to prepare your business property for harsh cold, inches of snow on the ground, and the grime that comes with ice buildup? Today, we’ll examine three property maintenance projects you need to schedule before winter arrives. See what they are and then give us a call at 316-655-5665.

Snowy window overlooking Wichita

Is your commercial property ready for winter? And not just any winter, but a Wichita, KS winter? According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), last winter was the fifth snowiest on record for Wichita, with over 30 inches of snow falling throughout the season. And remember the storms that covered Wichita in snow last February? They made February the snowiest month ever recorded for our city.

So is your property ready for 21 more inches of snow? Chances are, it’s not.

But have no fear! Clean Rite has come up with this list of three projects you need to schedule before winter to prepare your property for Snowmageddon.

1) Commercial window washing for your business property.

Winter is sure to leave your building’s windows covered in sludgy residue from street sweepers, snowplows, and melting snow. And that mess leaves your property looking more like an igloo than a legitimate place of business. Schedule a commercial window washing to clear away the nasty mess of Summer 2013 and to prepare them for whatever winter brings.

2) Re-striping the lines in your company parking lot.

It’s going to be hard enough to see the lines in your parking lot this winter, but not clearly marking lines between parking spaces makes you an easy target for a lawsuit when your customers get into fender-benders on your property. Bright, fresh, yellow lines and clearly marked handicapped spots will go a long way towards protecting your customers– and protecting your company! If you’re not proactive, don’t be surprised to see an empty lot like this.

Empty parking lot in Wichita during winter

3) Taking care of any custom landscaping projects.

Just like you prepare your home’s landscaping for winter, you need to prepare your business for the cold, too. Clean Rite offers regular care and proactive maintenance plans for your business, and we can also take care of any “emergency” custom mowing, trimming or mulching needs you might have. What you don’t invest in now will be obvious come spring, when your property is overrun with weeds and out-of-control or discolored grass.

Clean Rite Pressure Washing is here to help you prepare your property for the cold winter months. We’ve been serving Wichita businesses for decades, and we’d love to learn how we can serve yours, too. Give us a call at 316-655-5665 today.